About Us

Dwayne discovered his passion for jewelry at the age of 12 years old while in high school.
At 18 years old he started working professionally, by the age of 30 years old he opened his shop in the small island of Jamaica W.I. He then migrated to the United States of America and just 4 more years later he introduced his brand Jewel-Art to the world.
With hand crafted pieces backed by excellent craftsmanship, this is what sets Jewel-Art apart from the competition. Our pieces are built with love, time and dedication, true effort is put into every order,
it is his love of Jewelry and the ability to form pieces of metal into something special is what drives him.
We welcome all to be a part of our brands journey.


I Started Learning about the Jewelry Industry at the age of 12 years old while attending High School in Jamaica


Lazer welding

Laser Welding is a process that joins ferrous metals, stainless steel, precious metals, and alloys to themselves or each other.

Stone setting

Bead setting is a generic term for setting a stone directly into metal using gravers, also called burins, which are essentially tiny chisels. A hole is drilled directly into the metal surface, and then a ball burr is used to make a concave depression just the size of the stone.

Custom design

Custom jewelry is made of precious metals, expensive diamonds and gemstones, using intensive, skilled manual labor.

Monogram necklace

Custom Monogram Jewelry • Personalized Initials Necklace • Monogram Heart Necklace • Initials Jewelry


The most common jewelry repairs are related to worn parts or prongs. … Chains, along with bracelets and pins, also have jewelry clasps, which are often lost or damaged over time and need repair or replacement. Repairing necklaces is not limited to the soldering of precious metals.

Wax carving

A wax model is part of the lost wax casting process. Instead of working directly in metal, the design is fabricated in wax. They are hard and designed to be carved, filed, sawn and polished.

Dwayne Duhaney

Certified jeweller

A skilled craftsman with the ability to design and create wearable pieces of art using metals, stones and other materials to create attractive and unique pieces of jewelry.

My skill sets includes: Lazer welding, Stone setting, Wax carvings, Custom designs, Repairs and Custom monogram jewelry.